Statutory audit of Public Interest Entities, Private Limited Companies and other Entities with legal obligations
Management and operations audits
Computer and systems audits
Special audits and investigations
Reports for special purposes and regulatory bodies
Internal control reviews.


Budgets, profit forecasts and cash flow projections
Business assurance, risk management
Business planning and development
Corporate governance and internal audit
Corporate restructuring and reorganisations
Dispute resolution and consequential loss
Executive search and recruitment
Expert witness and forensic accounting
Fraud investigations and professional negligence
Government Aid Agency Projects
Hardware / software procurement and software development
Information Technology management and computer consultancy
International tax consultancy
Mergers, acquisitions and divertments
Network design plus installation and E-commerce controls
Project evaluation and due diligence
Raising capital and share valuations
Reports and investigations for regulators
Research and business intelligence
Training and development


Administrations and receiverships and managements
Corporate debt restructuring and schemes of arrangement
Corporate recovery, turnarounds and workouts
Court appointed liquidations and bankruptcy
Investigating accountant's report
Legal disputes and litigation support
Member's and creditors' voluntary liquidation
Reconstrutions, amalgamations and reorganisations
Viability reviews and rationalisation programmes


Representing clients in dealing with the Inland Revenue Authority
Review, preparation and submission of income tax returns
Advising clients on indirect tax matters
Assisting clients in tax and investment incentives applications
Assisting clients in field audit and tax investigation cases
Preparation of tax appeals, claims and refunds




Entities Financial Matters
Budget and financial management
Financial reporting and analysis
Preparation and maintenance of full set of accounts
Preparation of management and financial accounts

Companies Statutory Matters
Formation of limited companies and registration of businesses
Assisting clients in meeting their statutory obligations
Attending company meetings and preparation of minutes and resolutions
Preparation and submission of annual returns
Secretarial and legal compliance
Share registration and maintenance of statutory books, documents and registers
Registration of trademarks
Representing clients in dealing with Regulators